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E-mail: pajamaoperachallenge@gmx.net
For general information.

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/259162348439321
For idea exchange, new piece sharing, live performance announcement, etc.

Skype group: https://join.skype.com/iTdZQgTAWggV
For live performance with multiple performer and video meeting.

This is a project to improve the mental health of all musicians, composers, writers and performers during the quarantine time because of Covid-19 and to show their creativity and solidarity.

•     It is an Open Source Project composed/ performed/produced by the internet music community (all materials can be re-contextualized and combined)
•     All contributors are free to use the material others provided
•     All contributors are invited to perform as well
•     Performance length of a single contribution is recommended not to be longer than a minute
•     For practical and thematic reasons, performers are asked to exclusively wear pajamas or other sleepwear during online performances

How to Participate:

•     All contributors are asked to write or perform pieces, poems, miniatures etc. that depict something that they would send into outer space to show what they hold dear on this planet
•     Send a personal message to a contributor for upload and access – or just post your contribution with the hashtag #pajamaopera on the social media platform of your choice and let us know at pajamaoperachallenge@gmx.net or in the Facebook group.
•     Every composer and writer can contribute new materials or change/ remix existing materials. The materials can be traditional scores in PDF and Midi format, graphic/audio/ animated scores, texts as script or performance instruction or as lyrical inspiration, audio or video files up to 10 MB
• All compositions which need performer(s) can be played with live-stream by any participant. If there is only one performer, they can organize the performance on any platform; if there are two or more performers, we will play together in the Skype group.
• All materials will be preserved in a shared cloud in order to be further composed; live-stream will be preserved as audio and video recording. On this page you will also be able to watch some of the current results.
• We will compose, perform, remix each other’s pieces and find the connection through them. The performer should try to show their understanding of the connection through their performance.
• There will not be a final result, but we will try to present as many contributions together as possible.

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