Works (selection)

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Jia (2017)
for violin, electronics and performance

Sap (2017), with Pedro González Fernández
for performance, electronics and video

Not My Qipao (2019)
for a performer and enhanced Qipao

Echo of a Fire Long Gone (2021) with Levin Handschuh and XelK

Multimedia Theater

2o15 (2015)
multimedia theater

ChatROM (2018)
alternative opera

Träume des sozialistischen Mädchens (2020)
multimedia theater

Re: member, a double concerto (2021) with Chiayi Seetoo
multimedia theater

Sound design/ Composition for Stage Work

Peony Pavilion/ Yin Yang(2013)
sound design and music composition for new media theater

City Maze (2015)
music composition, sound design and recording for  multimedia theater

Strandrecht (2019)
Electronic composition for music theater

Acousmatic/ Fixed media

Nightingale (2015)
ringtone for Microsoft mobile

Preparation (2016)

Friday 10 a.m. (2018)
Version with video (2018)
fixed media

Tube Song (2018)

S-Lou-P! (2020)

Solo and Small Ensemble

Grinding (2014, 2016)
for solo violin and electronics

Schizophonic (2016)
for bass clarinet, electronics and live video

Back to Heaven (2017)
for piccolo and electronics

Tao (2005, 2018) with Le Zhou
for accordion, guitar and electronics

Anthos (2020)
for piano and live electronic


Unanimous (2018)
interactive installation (video on request)

Installation for MUWA (2019)
interactive installation

People are the knife, I am the Meat (2021, with James Cheung)
participatory installation