The Lost Clock(2013)
film score

Snowy Night(2013)
for String quartet

Peony Pavilion/ Yin Yang(2013)
sound design and music composition for new media theater

Grinding(2014, 2016)
for solo violin and electronics

The Nightmare(2014)
film score

for six instruments and live effects

Miss Shanghai(2014)
sound design for stage play

It’s a Sunny Day(2014, 2016)
for samplers and video

ringtone for Microsoft mobile

for Pipa, one performer, live electronics and video

City Maze(2015)
music composition, sound design and recording for  multimedia musical theater

multimedia musical theater

Antenna(2015, 2016)
for 19-ET trumpet and electronics

for bass clarinet, electronics and live video

Borderline Case(2016)
for vocal, electronics and video

A Fairy Queen(2016)
sound design and music composition for experimental opera

fixed media

for stereo electronics

for violin, electronics and performance

Silent Post – “How do I watch a piece by A. Schubert”(2017)
fixed media

Sap(2017), cooperated with Pedro González Fernández
for performance, electronics and video

Silent Land(2017)
fixed media

Back to Heaven(2017)
for piccolo and electronics

for Pipa, live electronics, performance and video

Die Lyrik(2017)
for Soprano and piano

Re: Guitar(2017, music composition: Gerog Hajdu, 1999)

Somewhere Near Buddha(2017)
for two piano, two percussion and fixed media

Der Kleine Mensch (2018) with Yijie Wang
music theater

alternative opera

Friday 10 a.m. (2018)
Version with video (2018)
fixed media

Tao (2005, 2018) with Le Zhou
for accordion, guitar and electronics

Buddhist Chanting Machine (2018) with Shiwen Wang
for percussion, live electronic and performance

Tube Song (2018)
fixed media

Formation (2018)
for accordion and electronics

Human Swine (2018)
for prepared violin, electronics, video and performance

Unanimous (2018)
interactive installation
Video on request

#asianfoodarchiv (2019)
for percussion, electronics and performance

Installation for MUWA (2019)
interactive installation

Resonanz (2019)
for Santur and electronics

3 Capricci (2019)
for Kamanche and Erhu

for 144 musicians in Elbtunnel

Not My Qipao (2019)
for a performer and enhanced Qipao

Das Rätsel des Spiels (2019, with Shiwen Wang)
for percussion and media

Exeunt (2019)
for Pipa, cello and media
Video on request

Cicada (2019)
for Organ and electronics

Elysion (2019)
fixed media

Träume des sozialistischen Mädchens (2020)
Multimedia Theater

Golden Age (2020)
fixed media

S-lou-p (2020)
fixed media

Sink (2020)
for two guitars and electronics

Always (2020)
fixed media

Anthos (2020)
for piano and live electronic
Video on request

Mother Night (2020, Film by Christa Joo Hyun D’angelo)
film score
Video on request

Go Cut Your Foot (2020)
for solo performer and electronics