2015 unfolds like an unfinished history book and tragicomedy in our life. In the other side of 2015, we have 2o15(two-O-fifteen). These are two parallel universes where the same people and similar landscapes recur This work is consist of two parts, 2015 and 2o15. The same people and similar landscapes recur but develop in different ways. This work is based on scenarios of our daily life. Players, as normal citizens lead you through worlds of reality and imagination, conventional and alienated worlds. The boundary between the real world of 2015 and the virtual one of 2o15 will be broken at last, for both people’s confusion, pain and love.

This piece is commissioned by Shanghai International Art Festival in 2015.
Director/Music composition and production: ZHOU Dong Visual design/Cinematography: ZHAO Yuguang Visual design/Ineractive programme design: Johann NIEGL Choreography/Physical performance director: SEETOO, Chiayi Musician: XIA, Bao(Trumpet) LI, Hanchi(French horn) LI, Haoran(Trombone) Dancer: WU Fei, LIN Peiwen

Watch the concert recording

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