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Gong Projekt (YouTube Channel) is established in 2017. It is a community that connects musicians and composer-performers who are interested in interdisciplinary performance and Chinese ethnic culture. The core members of it are Dong Zhou and Shiwen Wang, they compose, perform and improvise with different artists for each concert. Their debut was a series of concerts in the whole July of 2017 in Wilheimsburger Inselpark, Hamburg. Through many attempts and practices, they found their unique way to transform the ethnic culture into contemporary music and performance which they comment and criticize the modern society with.

Our latest concert recorded in St.Jacobi on 29.05.2021:

25.10.2020 20:00
MS Stubniz
Kirchenpauerkai 26, 20457 Hamburg

Online Concert in June 2020:

13.06.2020 20:00 (Online)
Part 1 (Fixed Media by Shiwen Wang):
Part 2 (Live- Music und Painting by Dong Zhou und Shiwen Wang):

Portrait Concert in January 2020:

10.01.2020 20:00
Maurienstraße 19, 22305 Hamburg

Portrait Concert in June 2019:

04.06.2019 20:00
Âme Nue
Schaarsteinwegsbrücke 2, 20459 Hamburg

Portrait Concert in September 2018:

22.09.2018 19:30-21:00 Kulturhaus Eppendorf
Julius-Reincke-Stieg 13 a (ehemals Martinistr. 40)
20251 Hamburg

See program here.

Cooperated Artists:

Dong Zhou (laptop/performance/violin)

Shiwen Wang (percussion/performance)

Minzuo Lu (piano/voice)

Pedro González (violin/laptop)

Makoto Shozu (laptop/guitar)

Ming Wang (flute/Chinese flute)

Siqi Liu (piano/percussion)

Xinzhu Yang (Chinese harp)

Feng Qu (Saxphone)

Sergio Vásquez Carrillo (laptop/E-guitar/ performance)

Yang-Hung Huang (Percussion)

Tzu-Ning Liao (Er-Hu)

Lydia Schmidl (Accordion)

Jorge Paz Verastegui (Guitar)

Cixian Lu (Composition)

Yan Jun (Composition)

Yat-Fung Wong (Composition)

Han Han (Visual Art)

Hsin-Ni Lai (Piano)

Zach Gulaboff Davis (Composition/ Piano)

Juan Carlos Vasquez (Composition)

Jeff (Chih-Fang) Huang (Composition)

Christine K. Brückner (Composition)

Eden Lonsdale (Composition)

Annett Stenzel (Filmmaker)

Enno Gröhn (Organ)

Kuno Seltmann (Filmmaker)

DE: 2017 gründeten Dong Zhou und Shiwen Wang das Kollektiv „Gong Projekt“, das interdisziplinäre Musikstücke mit traditionellen chinesischen Elementen produziert und Musiker verschiedener Stilrichtungen zusammenbringt. Sie möchten mit diesem Projekt die bemerkenswerten Elemente alter chinesischer Rituale reproduzieren und sie in Musik und Performance transformieren, um damit die heutige Gesellschaft zu kommentieren und kritisieren.

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