Gong Projekt

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Logo: Yuguang Zhao

Gong Projekt (YouTube Channel) is established in 2017. It is a community that connects musicians and composer-performers who are interested in crossover music and Chinese ethnic culture. The core members of it are Dong Zhou and Shiwen Wang, they compose, perform and improvise with different artists for each concert. Their debut was a series of concerts (4 in all) in the whole July of 2017 in Wilheimsburger Inselpark, Hamburg. Through this practice, they have gained an original repertoire from Chinese traditional folk song to experimental soundscape composition.

Call for Score 2018

Cooperated Artists:

Dong Zhou (laptop/voice/violin)

Shiwen Wang (percussion/dance)

Minzuo Lu (piano/voice)

Pedro González (violin/laptop)

Makoto Shozu (laptop/guitar)

Ming Wang (flute/Chinese flute)

Siqi Liu (piano/percussion)

Xinzhu Yang (Chinese harp)

See their debut program here.


DE: 2017 gründeten Dong Zhou and Shiwen Wang das Gong Projekt, das Crossover-Musikstücke mit traditionellen chinesischen Elementen produziert und Musiker verschiedener Stilrichtungen zusammenbringt. Sehen Sie das Debut- Program hier.

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