Quarantine Notes 01-02.04

A new dish for not cooking for 4 days, or let’s call it “how to use 400g pesto to cook 500g spaghetti”:

Online meeting at 10:30, 15:00 and 19:00. So I must keep awake whole day. The good news is I finally watched a film since quarantine.

Before the online meeting at 19:00, I need something warm and with liquid. So some kind of improvised tortellini soup.

It’s still cold to work underground for long. Sometimes I need a blanket. People are saying “spring is not canceled”, but spring, after all has not so much to do with me.


I went to take my REWE online order. It’s hard to make myself go out of home because all kinds of protection and the mental pressure it brings. Besides that it’s not so easy to find all clothes to go out if you didn’t wear them for long. I’m also not sure about the weather. Some days ago while recording some sounds outside of the window, I realized for the first time since very long, there is wind in this world. I need a windshield!

But after went out it went quite well. Enough space in bus, buses on schedule, no racists. There are also more people are wearing masks and the shop assistant seems has no problem to talk with people with masks. The nearest REWE which has take out service is still about 3.5 km from my place, and the bus lines in remote areas are tricky, so it took 45 for me to get there.

The order was contained in a big plastic box. For hygienic reason now it’s not allowed to take the box out of the supermarket and bring it back later. The shop assistant asked me how do I transfer my food, with car or bicycle, I said with backpack. She was a bit surprised but she was to busy to see how I put everything in one backpack and two shopping bags. Yes, finally I made it. And took 45 minutes with bus to go back.

Here is part of the food. I didn’t got the rice I ordered because it’s not available, but still enough bread, bread cream, fruit and junk food.

By the way I feel it’s important to not wear too warm if you’re wearing a mask. It helps a lot to make your mask wearing comfortable.

Because going out to get food is so rare these days, the sense of accomplishment is also huge. So after that I didn’t do much. Tomorrow there will be another online performance of #pajamaopera, but I just did a little bit management job. Today is just not an artistic day.

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