Quarantine Notes 03-04.04

The no-weekend mode is finally on. Actually for me as a freelancer it’s almost never off. But I hope other people don’t have to live in this mode because of home office.

At 11:00 I found I wrote a wrong GMT time in the performance announcement, and I must use computer to change the announcement in Facebook group. So I started being in studio from about 11:10.

At 21:00 was the live-stream. We planned 4 pieces and there was one piece suddenly need a new performer, one piece which I have to check the audio and the props, and one piece I have to practice. Between these jobs, I also sent an application. There are still a few applications I should finish in these days, but I’m just procrastinating.

After the live-stream I spent some more time in helping people solving technical problem. We were just using very common program which is supposed to be easy to use, but still there are a lot of technical problems. When you really need technologies, you may find it’s really not so developed as you thought.

Here is something you need aside from the everyday-same spaghetti. Thank you Go Chu Jang! Life saver of people who’re lazy and need spicy food.


Online meeting scheduled at 11:00, 14:00, 19:00 and 17:00 an online workshop. It turned out that the one at 19:00 was cancelled, so finally I had some time for myself except the break between the first two meetings.

These days I’m often waked up by the online meeting reminder. Coffee became again essential. A musicologist posted “is it coffee in my vein?” during her last month working on her thesis. I don’t know what would I need when I came to that point, or maybe I will just give up my thesis half way.

Again something special for today. I think I need something really spicy. I made an order on Asian market a week ago, now I’m regretting not getting any seasoning bag. DHL said it will come today or Monday. Seems like it still needs some time.

I finally answered some E-mails asking about my recent situation. This kind of concern come every day. Thanks to all the friends, but there’s nothing dramatic in my life. So in general I’m fine, sometimes I’m not, but I forgot. If I didn’t, I may write it here.

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