Quarantine Notes 29-31.03

Edited a recording of #pajamaopera live performance. I think practicing piano improvisation is till now the most unexpected but great thing during the quarantine. Thanks to the composer/ electronic producer Itaru Ouwan, and all people doing this project together.

I composed something for the other collective online art project as well.

New improvised dish for 2 days, before the salad packages go bad.

And from my last Amazon order, I got 4 boxes of milk. So I made a very luxury improvised drink. Spread instant coffee powder on warm milk, and wait for a while, you’d get milk skin with very intensive coffee flavor.

Finally renewed the book list for my thesis. There are always too much to read/ listen/ watch. I still didn’t watch any film yet.


I met a human other than my landlord today! An art project needs some used clothes and objects, so I sorted some and today someone from the team came to collect them. It’s a bit melancholic to see some old electronic apparatus, out-of-date accessory, bras from high school, violin bow from middle school, hand-made things but no one to gift and things left by some alumni graduated 4 years ago.

I sorted some old pieces as well. https://dongzhou.bandcamp.com/album/sample-set-3

And get E-mail from a friend about a new project. Very inspiring.

Again luxury dinner: instant noodles with vegetables.

There are fewer deadlines these days. But tomorrow is a deadline of a bandcamp release I promised to participant. So some emergency production with reading text before tomorrow comes.


The bandcamp release is done: https://panpanpanaviandistresscall.bandcamp.com/track/sloup

Yesterday I had all the frozen cake; soon chocolate will be run out as well. So I made a Ba Bao Fan (glutinous rice with eight treasures) with my last glutinous rice and half of normal rice.

Jena started compulsory of wearing mask in public places. About mask, it’s actually a very complicated topic covering science, politic, culture and economy. That’s why I’m very careful with this topic. I think a lot of people consider it only from one aspect and it makes people emotional, sometimes people were arguing, one side was only cultural issue, the other side only scientific fact, seems they’re both talking about mask, but they’re just expressing themselves and ignoring what other people think.

But can an American feel how it’s like to be locked at home in Wuhan? Can a Chinese feel how it’s like to be forced to wear a mask for almost life first time? Can a single strong man feel how wives being abused in quarantine flat?

When the outbreak was in Wuhan, people from other cities don’t believe it will influence them, and they think if they avoid contact with Wuhan problems will be solved. And later the outbreak was in whole China, people in other countries still think it has nothing to do with them.

It’s just hard to think about we could be the next victim of the same disaster. I remembered some words by Lu Xun:

“楼下一个男人病得要死,那间壁的一家唱着留声机;对面是弄孩子。楼上有两人狂笑;还有打牌声。河中的船上有女人哭着她死去的母亲。 人类的悲欢并不相通,我只觉得他们吵闹。”

“A man downstairs is deadly sick, the family next to him is playing gramophone; the family opposite is taking care of a baby. Two people upstairs are bursting of laughter; there is also sound of playing cards. In the boat on river a women is trying for her dead mother. People’s joy and sorrow are not connected. I just feel they are noisy.”

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