Quarantine Notes 25-26.03

I made it to have online German lessons. It followed another two meetings in afternoon and evening, I feel like everyone is pretending hard that we’re still in normal life, or it’s just me being lazy (again).

Before my last meeting, Amazon Fresh arrived!

And typical online shopping mistakes… But no worry I still have some small bottles shower gel and 2 in 1 wash gel from my former travels.

I checked again the Amazon Fresh delivery time, seems it’s not possible to get another delivery from now to end of April in my area. So I guess I will have to go out at least once next month. I suppose the quarantine will last around 2 months, I know it’s not very optimistic, but since it’s a global issue and the virus has its nature, a long quarantine seems is inevitable.

Dinner: typical dish by me: boiled f**king random things. But with 2 eggs! Thanks Amazon Fresh!


German lesson, simple lunch (means noodle gratin of course!) and some necessary work for #pajamaopera and other projects which are still not cancelled. After that I was already tired.

After a long break I cut my fringe myself. I’m planning my hairstyle in 2 month now. I guess I will have the most hair length since 2011, so perhaps I will review some hairstyle for long hair later. It must be nostalgic. I’m excited like when I was in kindergarten and got a doll whose hair is made for being played by children.

I’m still not bored, still feeling time is not enough. A friend called me for some computer help and he said he was happy that he can drive to a student’s place to give a lesson because he can go out of home for a while. It’s unbelievable that going out of home makes working attractive. But thanks to these people who love freedom in a more physical way, they helped to build an opener society in a indirect way.

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