Quarantine Notes 24.03

There was again the online department meeting today. I didn’t speak anything, but it’s good to have a reason to start a day in morning, change something not pajama and go to studio before 12:00.

I missed the online course again, I had a tiring dream. But I promised the teacher I will appear tomorrow. It’s at least another reason to start a day in morning.

Vodafone tells us to stay home too. It’s a bit like the countdown in high school before the university entrance exam, reminding people something they are apparently already aware every minute.

I decided to write this “Quarantine Notes”. Not dairy but notes, for following reason: first I can’t write it everyday, when I write for past days I need to check my photos, messages and news to help me write the correct date; secondly I’m not interested in EVERYTHING happened in a day, but only things and feelings still have impact after days (that’s also one of the reasons I don’t write diary in general).

Guo Jing’s diary during her quarantine in Wuhan was the most impressing one for me among different kinds of quarantine records. But another motivation of writing this is that these days I received everyday some message from my friends in other countries. As I mentioned in former Quarantine Notes, there is always a gap of information between people in different environments. I hope through showing my real life here, they can have less unnecessary worry about me.

Just remembered, some days ago there was a man at the door to ask for small change (Kleingeld). I was a bit afraid and I indeed don’t have cash (since about two weeks ago it’s recommended to pay with card). But how is the situation with homeless people now? I guess he is just one of the beggars who used “work” in trains but now also “jobless”? I can see that he has some illness with his tongue and he couldn’t speak very clearly.

Again I had very luxury veggie nuggets + vegetable soup + bread dinner. Tomorrow the Amazon Fresh delivery will arrive, they already sent me an email to tell me that I should hold distance with the delivery person. I’m looking forward to it.

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