Quarantine Notes 23.03

Another noodle gratin. I omitted some ingredients to save food, and now I don’t want to eat anything after I had one portion of this gratin.

Now it’s the official “Contact Prohibition” (Kontaktverbot) time. I feel somehow very releasing, it’s finally not only me not contacting people. I’ve seen a story of an OCD (Obsessive culpulsive disorder) patient, he said during the Covid-19 outbreak he feels so good. Because everyone is frequently washing hands, and he just does better than other. The last time he was so happy was during the SARS outbreak. I don’t think my daily life before Covid-19 was quarantine because I really try hard to not isolate myself. It brings good results but it takes also a lot of energy. After the quarantine I will keep trying contacting with people, it’s just me being lazy and non-ambitious while some people are upset. Both are not great.

I’m very against to the statement like “Covid-19 reduced the pollution”, or “Covid-19 gave people more family time” so “you should feel good for quarantine”. To force factory stop or to force family members to stay together won’t change anything in long-term. If the factories and the countries don’t have an environmentally friendly system, the pollution will just rebound after the quarantine time. And in China you can already see a lot of couples got divorced after quarantine. Bad relationships will just get worse if you spend more time together without solving the real problems. Finally you can’t force people to feel good if they don’t. I just read about the therapy for mental disease with water in 19th century, we’re modern people, please don’t keep this spirit with you.

These days I restarted with indoor sports, Erhu and reading, but just can’t finish things I planned, even film watching. The online German course started in the middle of last week, but I feel like it’s hard to fit other people’s rhythm now (maybe just hard to have a rhythm). I went through all the online learning materials last night and I got up today before the online class started, but I just don’t have the courage to join. I hope I can start tomorrow. It won’t be too long before I must be back to the human society, better not go too far.

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