Quarantine Notes 21-22.03

Again a weekend. Comparing to the weekdays, it’s just with fewer cancellation mails.

A internet friend asked for recipe for potato pancake, I sent her one and somehow regret that I didn’t buy potato again after I finished my 1-kg package. But I made Kimchi pancake.

I want to sing the ending song from “ほしのこえ” (The Voices of a Star) very much. The story was about an astronaut floating in universe and can’t be back. She was sending message with her boyfriend on the earth. The far she floats, it takes longer time to send a message. In the end it takes more than 8 years to get one message. I feel the quarantine life is a bit like that. I gradually feel distance from human society, I don’t know when I will meet a friend in real life.

Vappiano is insolvent. It was always an argue to eat Vappiano or rather nothing, but that won’t exist anymore. In China a lot of restaurants shut down forever after the quarantine time. Perhaps similar things will happen here too. After we are able to go out, we don’t know with whom to go out, neither where to go.

I tried to play the song and record but failed always. I had a short talk with a singer whom I said may play something with after 15.03, but now we can only exchange some ideas online. For me it’s easier, but for real collaboration it’s not the best.

It is said that on 22.03 musicians should play “Ode to Joy” at 18:00. There are a lot of comments under Tagesschau’s announcement. “Are musicians going to play free again?” I like that very much.


On 22.03 I almost did nothing but waited for 18:00, but as expected, nothing happened. When I realized, it’s already 18:13. On social media there were several friends posted their performance online. They have courage, and good neighbor.

I started to use light as less as I can. It was a habitat I got from 90s. That time electricity was more expensive (comparing to people’s income), and we only switch on light when we really can’t see what we have to see. That time we save water also a lot, sometimes we don’t flush the toilet until it’s unbearable. And in middle school I found it’s better to use candle between the “no-need-for-light”time and “must-use-light” time.

I can’t remember how I got both candle, candle holder (these two are probably gifts from friends) and fire the same time and use them alone when I was in middle school. But I’m glad I can do it again. Just use the minimum light to observe how the color of the sky changes.

And luxury instant noodle. I will run out of them soon. Hopefully I will have enough other foods so I don’t want them so badly.

Meanwhile Croatia just had an earthquake. It reminded me what happened in Chengdu, people said “if go out there is virus, if stay inside the building may break, what should we do?” During the pandemic, not having other disaster is already very lucky. I wish people in Croatia stay safe.

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