Quarantine Notes 20.03

Today is the day that Bandcamp doesn’t take benefit from the artists. I wanted to try Bandcamp for long but always didn’t. Not only just because I’m lazy, but also because I don’t know how to position my music on Bandcamp. I don’t want to say “it’s not a place for academic works”, perhaps nowhere is. Leo Steinberg once wrote, if someone start resisting a more thing, they became academic (approximately).

However I’m still not sure what kind music should I post on Bandcamp. I already have Soundcloud and YouTube, I think I should post something different. So finally I just sorted all my short, unpublished experimental music and called them “Sample Set” to see what will happen.

I went through all my school works and former projects, it reminded me a lot of old memories. I once made some electronic interludes for a singer’s recital, and I transferred loudspeakers for her. But the concert date was some days before G20 in Hamburg, so my taxi can only stop at somewhere about 5 metro stations from the concert hall. I was sitting in a family restaurant famous for pork steak and waiting for the singers classmate to move the loudspeakers with me with metro. It was summer in Hamburg, so, a not very “summer” season. It was nice but far, so far that I don’t even miss it.

Recently a lot of memories became like that. I used to refuse to be back to past because they were clearly worse than my current life; but now just because they are too far to tempt me to reach.

I had a rich dinner. Thanks to the supermarket and my friend. It’s almost luxury to have so many kinds of fresh vegetables in one meal.

My next supply will be the Amazon Fresh delivery. I didn’t order any vegetable or fruit because I must wait until end of the month or even next month. I don’t know when I will run out of them. Will I go out for them? It’s future problem anyway.

I got some more concerts and presentations cancelled. One week ago that may still count some news, and now I even don’t want to tell anyone. It became a very normal part of daily life. Thanks to these artists appealed for aids, now solo-freelancers and small business owners can have some financial supports.

My mother got the news from some internet groups and asked me whether it’s true. I told her there is some aids, but not as much as you know. The official media doesn’t report about it, and the information spread through individuals create the gap as well. But perhaps it’s still better to have some partly-true information than nothing or totally wrong.

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