Quarantine Notes 19.03

Here comes the real busy day.

But since quarantine started, my day started always very late. That “go back to bed and answer some message and be addicted to social media” thing happens very often. I was carving glutinous rice (actually already the second time since quarantine) so I made glutinous rice ball with dates and Longan for lunch.

So around 15:30 I saw the message from my friend that her work will end earlier (she sent it in morning but I didn’t notice it). Emergency showering, changing, took mask on… printed a stamp for my letter (yes I just know I can buy stamps online and print them out), and went out. We met in a train station. She said she has bought too much bread and want to give me some, so I went to the kiosk to buy a snack in order to have a paper bag to put her bread. The shop assistant looked at me confusedly, maybe it’s because of the mask, maybe because I’m still not used to talk behind mask so she couldn’t understand me well.

After that I took a train to a supermarket which is a bit far from my place. It’s more centered so perhaps they have more goods on shelves. The friend also took that train. We took 4 seats for 2 people, there were still way more seats than people in that train.

On the way from train station to supermarket, a mid-aged white guy shouted “Coronahase” (Corana rabbit?) at me and laughed. I know some people do that only because they’re young and naive, but at 50 something still doing it, is not tolerable for me at all. I was with mask and it’s still new for me to talk behind it, shouting could be even harder. So I showed him my middle finger and went into the supermarket. I’m not sure whether he would take more action if there were not so many people. Racism is a big topic. It makes sense to have campaigns to raise people’s awareness, but it’s influence will show in far future. For the moment, we must still think about the potential attacks after the Covid-19 quarantine. How should we deal with them?

This supermarket really has everything! But correspondingly there were also much more people than in my neighborhood. I could see the staff is refilling the shelves all the time. I can’t transfer a lot of things myself and it’s too far from my place so I didn’t buy too much. But it’s already a surprise to get fresh vegetables and fruits. I even bought some vegetarian nuggets, it’s written “rice nuggets” so I was expecting something like fried rice ball. Apparently I overestimated the innovation of food here.

Then I carried a backpack and two shopping bags back to the station, put my letter in postbox and bought the medicine in the pharmacy. Yes I got my prescription via post!

I finished all the tasks which need me going out of home, I don’t know when will be the next time. The quarantine is getting real.

People are talking about Merkel’s Speech yesterday, it’s now already in a lot of different language. I’ve heard a small part of it from my landlord’s TV, I thought it be just like a typical government leader’s speech with some already well-know facts. But seeing the part she thanked to supermarket staff, I felt it’s more interesting than expected.

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