Quarantine Notes 18.03

So it comes the busy day.

I got a message that I’d be better to arrive the rehearsal place at 16:45. I understand it’s the last rehearsal in a long time so I want to spend enough time there too. But when I finished the online colloquium at 15:30 I found it’s already too late to arrive there before 17:00.

Searched 5 minutes for trousers to go out; mask, hair tired, gloves. After I prepared, I decided to call a taxi. Partly because I’m being late, partly because it’s the first time after 4 days I went out of home again, I’m not sure how the traffic system was changed. I’ve only seen that people must go on the bus from rear door, and the way to the driver is blocked. But in case there’s any cancellation, I may arrive the rehearsal place when everyone is gone.

The plan of standing at four corner was not very realistic. But they still stopped rehearsing all parts with body contact. I was the only one wearing mast during the rehearsal but I still tried to wear it till the end. During the talking the director also started wearing mask. It was kind of weird, I can’t even drink something there (I didn’t bring a container for the mask so I can’t remove it for a while). But it is indeed not normal time.

On my way back, I already missed the (new) working time of pharmacy, train ticket service and etc. I canceled an appointment with a friend and moved another to tomorrow. We’re going to exchange disinfection spray and masks, that’s urgent.

It’s still possible to buy things from station kiosk or Kebab shop to take away. But I felt a bit stressed to talk with them in mask and take food with gloves(which already exposed outside for half a day). So I just went home and had more noodle gratin.

In morning many of my friends were talking about the curfew in Bavaria (Bayern). Whether a national wide curfew will happen will be decided on Saturday. Some people are happy that German government is taking it seriously; some people are afraid of what will happen in future. I was relatively calm, because I think things are always happening, curfew or not, sooner or later, is just a point of a long process.

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