Quarantine Notes 27-28.03

Final day of the online course. I was so glad as I started it. I say that quite often since these years, perhaps because I stopped forcing myself doing unwanted things for a while.

During the class the teacher mentioned in a very quite area near our university there were 15 cases reported on a single day. I could feel how drastic the world is changing. Some days ago a friend asked me the number in Germany because he stopped watching news shortly after Covid-19 outbreak. I told him 12000 something, but actually that day Germany has already more than 40000 cases.

After the class I made noodle salad for some days. From my last Amazon Fresh order, I still have 3 package of salad vegetables. I bought them mainly because I have to wait too long time for any of other fresh vegetables. As I mentioned before, after I got my delivery, I couldn’t find any future appointment on Amazon Fresh. So later I checked REWE, their delivery appointments in 2 weeks are also fully booked. But it’s still possible to order online and take away, which will reduce the time we stay in the supermarket. Unfortunately, the nearest REWE which has take away service is about 45 minutes from my home. I hesitated 10 minutes between going there and going to a nearby supermarket, spending longer time in the shop and probably not being able to get everything I need (because it’s not so centered so the shelves may be refilled less frequently), and I still decided to go to that REWE. So I have an exact date to go out of home now. Challenge.

Shortly before 17:00 I got noticed that the online meeting scheduled at 17:00 was postponed. So no discipline again. But I accepted an arrangement job from China, so I had a look at it, and prepared for the #pajamaopera. It will be just a small, almost internal performance, but I really hope from now this project could be presented in a proper way: no interruption by the streaming platform, no waste of time for switching piece to piece, and always showing its open-source and non-hierarchy nature.


Continuously getting up early made me very broken. I once thought it was the long way to work and go back made me have to rest in the whole afternoon when I started my day from morning. But the staying home life let me know, I’m just not for getting up early.

Today I checked the first time the “world Covid-19 number” website. I used to see a lot other media quote from that website but it’s really the first time I check it myself. People are lazy, I feel like even all the media photoshop the screeshot from the website, a lot of people will still believe them. And I also didn’t do fake check for the website, it’s kind of dangerous.

Struggled until 1 hour before the live performance of #pajamaopera, I could finally start putting all instruments/ props at their positions.

After the performance I found the book I ordered about 2 weeks ago on Wolrd of Book arrived! It’s really a surprise because as I checked the website yesterday, they already stopped accepting new orders. And today DHL, UPS and some more companies stopped delivering in a lot of areas. I really didn’t expected I would get the book before my quarantine ends. Apparently I have too many books to read than I can during the quarantine, but if I need new books for my thesis, it would still be a problem.

In evening I did some arrangement, followed some musicians on YouTube (we’re following each other to try to reach the standard that YouTube pay for our videos) and had a Skype call for another online quarantine art project. I still didn’t watch the films I planned to watch two weeks ago. I can’t understand why some company would recommend you their products for “keeping you busy”. Quarantine life IS busy, like my everyday; I’m even more worried that during the quarantine, more people would be in the status of a freelancer: no weekdays and no weekends, private time would be less respected.

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