Quarantine Notes 19-21.04

Recent biological clock: waking up aroun 7:30-8:30, feeling hungry, brushing teeth and eating, feeling tired again around 9:30…

I’m still trying to finish a piece so I confronted with myself from 15:00. Before-deadline lunch/ dinner:


I had an online meeting where we decided to play a 5-minutes spontaneously. Because the violin needs longer time to start, I played Otamatone there. Through the Zoom connection a saxophonist thought I was playing saxophone, so sounds like pretty successful. I may use it more for improvisational music in future.

And from next month the school in Shanghai will all open. My mother is planning to wear mask for all the lessons (they will soon be off-line too!), so she ask a friend of mine whether he can buy some masks for her. My friend bought it on the way after work and asked me about my mother’s address. He said he’d use the fastest express delivery service to deliver them. Although I told him it’s not necessary because my mother will use them next month, he still chose that express. And after about 90 minutes, my mother received the masks.

Well another story of “China speed”. I’ve heard that this friend also used the same delivery to deliver handmade breakfast to his girlfriend when she was ill. It must be very absurd for people out of China: people there must earn their not-so-big money so my friend can’t be off work for half a day, but he still want to show his concern and care so he paid people who earn less money to spend the time instead of him. Maybe that’s why people living in China believe so much in money, because except “buying someone else’s time”, they don’t have other choice (maybe being very much isolated is a choice).

And at night I finished the first edition of the score.


After eating a lot of days of bread, toast and salad, I started feeling bad in stomach, so a day with congee. My mother was warning me about taking enough protein, so I had some vegetarian sausages too.

The congee with rice and dried grained corn is so good. Whether you eat it sweet or salty, it’s great. It’s typical in north China so before I went to Germany I had only once when I was very small. After that I was keep trying to figure out, what kind of corn (or the way to prepare the corn) is it and always got no answer. This time I found the dried grained corn by accident when I scrolling the website of the Asian Market. It may be the second best purchase (after the toy bunny) since quarantine.

And probably you can find in picture I started to plant carrot now. Let’s see how will it be.

Officially since this week the restriction is relaxed. But my life is not changing too much. This semester for universities will be all online, and there won’t be concerts before September. I don’t know why would I go out, but maybe I won’t do grocery online from now.

I finished rewriting a piece for my friend’s online project. I’m looking forward to the premier of the new version next month.

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