Quarantine Notes 13-16.04

Several deadlines on 15.04, so some last-minute work.

And I’m trying to back to soundscape study so I’m doing some readings.

A Chinese art-therapist is doing a project and asked me for some music, I’m still kind of confused with the whole scene of art-therapy but I still offered to remix an old piece of mine for free.

I had the rest of the dish from last day and had some noodles.


The music for the art-therapy project is already online and got more than 200 views. That’s the “Chinese speed”, sometimes I get overwhelmed by it. And this speed is still not a fast one (2 days for creating the content and get 200 views in one day), but the art-therapist was satisfied with it, so do I.

And a new dish, using the rest of the fresh vegetables, tofu and some pickle. It’s very spicy in a very weird way, combined the spicy flavors of the pickle, the spring onion and the onion. I feel the first time I cooked something really bad. But I still have to eat it for about 3 days.

Did an online meeting. And I cleaned the bathroom because the cleaner can’t come. She’s working for my landlord for very long, I’m actually feeling bad to let cleaner come during this time, but she didn’t come just because some personal reasons. As I googled about the solution with cleaner/ babysitter in this time, a website said if they’re legal workers (except as Mini Job) they should get allowance from the government; and if they don’t, they should be illegal anyway. The website has even a note after the word “illegal work”: which in 90% case they are. So should 90% household workers be left in the crisis? If an industry has 90% illegal workers, there must be some problems in the system.

In evening I recorded a demo for my piece for Mindfuck Coronopera, it’s a very rhythmic piece which includes voice and body percussion. I found it really need some time to practice. But the director still didn’t decide how to present it so I will think later about how to help the performers to record the piece.


What did I eat except the very bad dish (just slightly better, but I don’t have much ingredient now, and I’m lazy):

Had an online meeting, good to see teachers of HfMT again.

And another Amazon Fresh delivery. People are boycotting Amazon for the way the treat their employers. I’m still learning about the situation. Although in China, their working condition is much better than many other delivery companies. And kindle did help me buying Chinese books oversea. The only skeptical thing I experienced from Amazon is that they cooperated with the censorship very well, they may even delete books from your kindle after you bought it (and the book was banned after the purchase).

I received a final result of a track exchange with two other composers. It’s really interesting and we will keep doing it. I still don’t know when they’re going to be public though.


Second computer-free day in a roll.

Did some reading and laundry. Folding clothes in sunset without hurry is great.

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