Quarantine Notes 17-18.04

Online meeting at 11:00 and 20:00, two deadlines. The first meeting was with teachers and students of the school I did my master. It’s my first time to join an online meeting (the online workshop doesn’t count) with almost 40 people. I must say it’s much less stress comparing with meeting 40 people in real. But it’s good to see them and to know a lot of lectures will be given. I will attend at least one of them (online).

Because of the delivery, I finally had toast and chives. From the picture you may tell that I’m missing Prezel with chives, it’s true but after this breakfast I feel already satisfied. I’m planning to use the rest of the chives to make Chives Pancake (Chinese snack) but I still don’t know when.

My spring onions before I ate it. After eating it I knew, it can even blossom. But these spring onion’s root already started getting rotten, so I can only try when I have new spring onions. I will try to plant carrot and onion this time, but not for eating. Planting them with water can let them perhaps blossom but they won’t grow the eatable parts so big that I can eat them again.

And this time I’m chopping vegetable for 3-4 days. It is said that cooked vegetable is better to be finished in 24 hours, so I just left them uncooked and will eat them as salad. I tried the salad style I learned in Portugal but found it’s not that easy. The original style is to use only lettuce, tomato, onion, olive oil and salt. But the proportion of the different kinds of vegetables, the way to cut them and the vegetables to use (the onion I bought from Rewe is super spicy…) are all important. So I ended up something like that, added some goat cheese. I was just nervously procrastinating. I really have to do things other than chopping vegetables.

Here is the package from Rossmann. I recommend the corn chips (Mais Waffeln) very much. I started to love it when I was in Spain and found a very cheap version produced by Dia, but it’s the first time I found something similar in Germany. Of course, Cheetos is still the best corn snack, probably the best snack.

And some nail painting after receiving nail stickers. Actually they’re not so easy to use with non-transparent nail polish. But I feel not so bad with my experiment.

I also cleaned bathroom today as the cleaner finally didn’t come. I was worried about how to keep the distance and keep safe if she came, but now it’s not a problem until the next appointment which is in a month. I don’t think in a month everything will run normally. A friend said after that people must be so hungry of raving so we should organize a festival for 3-day-raving. I guess I will support them, but I personally don’t have the desire to go back to “normal” life.

What will I do first if everything is running again? Perhaps go for another bubble tea.


Had tiring dream, and indeed tired because of all kinds of work yesterday. By the end of yesterday I finished a video lecture for my schoolmate’s seminar in Shanghai. I was very nervous, I’m sure it’s not only because of the camera. I think I’m just still not qualified enough to give a lecture alone. But I must try it hard. I have things to share, the problem is just how.

A lot of resting.

And watched 2.5 hours of One World. Just wanted to know how the top class streaming event is going and know some more singers. It’s a great show but I just can’t receive more positive energy after 2 hours. Perhaps I will check it again later.

Meanwhile (yes I turn off the volume sometimes) I edited a video of my mother and her friend in USA playing a duo from their home. I was a bit surprised that in China AppStore there is no app like “acapella maker”, and seems Chinese artists didn’t try online collaboration at all during the outbreak (some started after the so-called “post-corona time”). I’m interested in asking some friends about the situation, but I can totally understand if they didn’t have the energy to do art when they were facing an unknown disease as the first group in the whole world.

I personally can’t agree with Matthias Horx’s article about the time after Covid-19. It’s in general like a placebo or even narcotic if he’s not too naive; and it doesn’t mention China at all, of course neither Iran, Korea, and all developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin-America. I’m not saying China is always a great influencer, but in the case of Covid-19, as the first country who undergoes it, China’s role can’t be ignored in any discussions.

I will have another deadline in 6 days, part of me doesn’t want to rest anymore, maybe it’s still better to try sleep earlier and get up earlier tomorrow.

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