Quarantine Notes 12.04

Soon it’s a month since I stayed home.

Finally some new food! But mixed with a bit rest of canned vegetables… And because the bread will go bad soon, I didn’t cook rice.

My mother told me that it’s crazily windy in Shanghai. It made me miss the all kinds of crazy weathers there. One of my former partners said, the weather in Germany is like me, always mild, not too hot, not too cold, no heavy rain last longer than 1 hour. Comparing with Shanghai, the weather change in Hamburg is almost like nothing changed. Especially when I’m inside, I can only feel it’s brighter and warmer outside, which doesn’t influence me so much.

I miss the moment that it’s over 40 degree outside, and suddenly it rained so heavy and there were quickly a small flood in the street. I must go to a shopping mall to stay inside, and the the moment I entered the shopping mall, my poles shrunk because of the air-conditioner.

Of course that could be beautiful in memory, and perhaps still beautiful if I experience it once. But months long like that is really horrible. I’m still kind of afraid of going to Shanghai between June and September.

And I’m again in studio today. I started cooperating with a Chinese art therapist who live in Germany. And also did some work for two more other cooperation. I still have to write and compose something for myself. It’s hard to keep disciplined especially in the cold room. My landlord start wearing short-sleeve T-shirt. I’m wearing long-sleeve one now, but in studio I really need to wear down jacket.

I’ve seen a net friend lost a family member because of Covid-19. She said it’s really really necessary to stay at home now. So I still don’t know when I will go to get fresh vegetable. I ordered something more from Rossmann, a pharmacy and healthy food retailer, so if I’m not sick fresh vegetable will be the only thing I need to buy. But I guess it will be after one week. I may experience the Germany style of mild summer that time.

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