Quarantine Notes 09-11.04

Sent some documents which I postponed for very long time.

And I got message from a friend that he’s organizing a project to stream some short pieces by a group of musicians. It’s very inspiring but it took some time to look for a suitable piece.

Pandemic makes my need even lower. The best food I can now image is just anything with soup and vegetable. So luxury instant noodle again:

Finished one more piece for “Mindfuck Coronopera”. That’s the other online art project I mentioned before, but for the moment they only have information on Instagram. They have a planned premier date which is not so far, so I guess there will be soon more information out of IG.


Too cold. I can’t go to studio. I’m also having some small pain inside my mouth, it’s something like ulcer. Maybe it’s just time to stay warm and take vitamins.

I tried to work more on iPad and also moved my computer to bedroom. Finished an online meeting and start writing something.


One more whole day in bedroom. Kept writing and watched some Easter program.

It’s somehow lucky that there are some open-minded churches in this city, so I got to know some evangelical tradition through going to the experimental art events they hold.

And my super random Easter dinner:

Apple pie + canned vegetable + soy sauce. Quarantine life is not only “not caring what I’m wearing” but also “not caring what I’m eating”. If I’m not hungry, I don’t want to leave bedroom for a second.

Perhaps without outside pressure and temptation, I could live like that for long. A friend recommend me a bag made of leather. I told her, that’s why you’re so anxious of finding new jobs. My income did reduce since Covid-19 outbreak, but since I can eat same food for about 5 days (maybe longer, but I don’t want to cook 2 times the same) my balance is still ok.

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