Quarantine Notes 07-08.04

11:45 online meeting. After that I knew that my landlord is going to city center so it could be a good chance to take over kitchen for long time. So first, noodle for some days (finally I finished it in 5 days… I know it’s already not healthy I can’t eat that more than twice in one day).

Then the apple pie I always wanted to try. Apparently it’s not successful, although my landlord claimed it’s good. I’m doubting old German guy’s taste very much now.

Cooking is tiring, especially when you made mistake. I didn’t put anything under the apple pie when it was being baked, and the filling was out of the cake. I spent much time to clean the oven and passed an internet event. After that I rested too long, so almost didn’t achieve anything more.

UK Prime Minister is in ICU, it’s very absurd time (everyday since Covid-19 outbreak is, but some days are even more absurd). I wish I will not soon evident an important leader to die in his tenure.


Online meeting at 11:00. I did it first time in bed room.

It’s getting warmer but in cellar it’s always colder. Maybe it’s just because everywhere else is warmer so I feel it’s colder in cellar, but as result, it’s more difficult to let myself go to studio now.

In evening I finally went to the studio and made a video of my improvisation set, which I wanted to do from beginning of March. It’s just not easy to start even an improvisation when you have to prepare all equipment beforehand and plan how to record the sound and image better. And it’s also not a good feeling to edit sound from different mics as well the video all myself.

A friend of mine once said, he won’t do solo tour. Because musicians already spend a lot of time to practice themselves, if they have to organize and perform a tour all alone, it will be very depressive.

Well, seems it’s true. I still didn’t make the recording public. But I will still send it someday to get a solo performance chance. I mean, it would be cooler if it’s not a solo performance. But a solo performance chance… is still a chance.

After work I found there’s no one in kitchen. So late night soup, very rare:

And you can see the spring onions grew a lot! It’s a bit weird to put cooked spring onions and growing ones together, it let me think of the picture of Donald the duck eating grilled duck; or the story of Tod and the chickens in Bojack Horseman.

But spring onion is really easy-planting plant. The only small problem is it makes slight spring onion smell in the room. I used it as a reminder to open the window everyday.

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