Quarantine Notes 05-06.04

“Quarantine, no human right; no quarantine, no human left.”

“Wearing mask, no human right; not wearing mask, no human left.”

These sentences became popular these days among ethnic Chinese people. But I disagree with them. Quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean people will lose human right, so as wearing mask.

People who don’t know about things in China may think these are jokes. But in some areas of China, people were insulted for not wearing mask (they were not able to buy them), or be stopped from bringing food to their old parents. So quarantine/ mask is equivalent to demising large part of human right can be true. You can’t treat these sentences as jokes if you knew it. Because people could understand it as if embracing the most strict policy is the only way to control the pandemic.

After several days full of online meetings, I didn’t go out of bedroom for almost whole day. I started planting spring onion. Without eating the plant, I have no motivation to plant anything. And other vegetables all need soil and plant container. which are hard to get these days (yes garden market is opening, but I don’t want to go out for unnecessary reasons).

Finished another film, did some reading. Computer-free day, wonderful (if it’s just one day).


Online meeting at 14:00 and 16:00.

I finally wrote a proposal I thought for long. I illustrated my idea with Adobe Illustrator in half an hour. I found I had some progress in digital illustrating. But painting is still a very distant thing for me, I still can’t do more than nail painting if deal with physical materials.

The package from Asia Go is here. I didn’t get four of the items I ordered. Before I try to contact the customer service I checked my Paypal, they did send me some money back, but still 1.3 euro less than they should. And they didn’t inform me about the changes in item at all.

But at least I got 5kg rice. And I think it’s a time to support the local, at least I should support them more than Amazon.

Have you ordered any food delivery these days? How much tips have you paid? I’m get used to not calling food delivery since I was in Shanghai, so the only time I ordered food in Germany was for other person, I didn’t take it myself. In Shanghai there are relatively often typhoons, there was a frequently discussed topic: should we call delivery if it’s dangerous for the delivery people to bring the food? Either we make them in risk, or we make them lose money.

Now I think there shouldn’t be this discussion because there should be a safe working environment for all. Unfortunately, it’s still somehow risky for the delivery people to work. Will you pay more for them?

Probably this month I will use “pay now eat later” service to support some restaurants I like. To be honest the only thing I want to eat but don’t have home is toast since the quarantine life. Maybe I will buy some in next food shopping, perhaps in two weeks.

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