Quarantine Notes 14.03

Long sleep.

Had some potato and Pak Choi.

Back to bed, answer some massages from my mother. She’s worrying Germany will turn to another Wuhan, and asked whether it’s true that 70% population in Germany will be infected.

I told her the 70% was about “in the case of no vaccine, there could be 70% people be infected in 2 YEARS.”. The gap medias created is so huge.

It’s still hard to image how I will work, so better to just rest. Made some left-over gratin with my last rice cake and celery for dinner. Kimchi flavor, weird combination but tasted fine.

Today is “White Valentine” in Japan. In the past years, it’s also very much celebrated in China. At least I should have seen a lot of advertisements if there’s no Covid-19. I remembered the time I was in middle school, I imitated the plot in Japanese animation or game to celebrate Valentine and White Valentine in school. It’s kitschy somehow, like we don’t have the tradition, and I don’t have some classmates like me romantically. But sometimes I think, if I haven’t “created” some memories intentionally, I may end up with nothing interesting to remember.

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