Quarantine Notes 13.03


During the second half of our German course, the door was knocked 4 times and every time there came some more news. It is said that all the elementary and middle school (Gymnasium) in Lower Sachsen (Niedersachsen) are closed, and universities are “recommended” not to have people gathering. By the last time someone came in, it was announced the German lesson will stop from Monday or switch to online course.

On the way to the German course I met a classmate. We both came from Hamburg to the course in Lüneburg. I mentioned that perhaps I may not go to German course from next week because the travel could be dangerous during the Covid-19 outbreak. Surprisingly, it turned out that I really don’t have to travel anymore in some hours.

I still had meal in university canteen with a Japanese classmate. She said the Japanese government advised them to go back, but it’s still not a must.

I feel like it will be the last meal in university canteen in very long time. Thai Tofu soup with bread.

After the meal I cancelled the plan to go to library and went to hamster shopping directly. My classmate said she will go back and forth to Penny (supermarket) several times. I hope she got what she needed. As I was back to Hamburg, a lot of supermarkets don’t have milk, eggs, canned vegetables, toilet paper, etc.

Before I start “hamstering”, I decided to get my last bubble tea before the isolation. At the cashier I asked whether the bubble costs more, the cashier thought I don’t have more money so he deleted the bubble from my order. I tried to explain that I was just asking, but the barista was already making my drink. After I drank 2/3 of it, I found some bubble at bottom. They just didn’t charge me for it. Free bubble from a barista! I will remember it if I wouldn’t have another bubble tea in my life.

And I also bought myself a toy bunny for some mental support. It turned out that it was an excellent choice. When I was in the shopping mall it was already very empty.

Next stop: supermarket, a Penny near my place. As I mentioned above, a lot of things were sold out. But I still got something.

A German friend told me that in their sharing apartment there is 120kg of flour and they are close to a farm so they won’t be lack of bread and vegetables. I can somehow understand why my Asian friends are more panic in buying things. Because like that friend and my landlord, they have regularly a lot of storage at home. But if you live alone and/ or move place frequently, and/ or often too busy to cook, it’s more likely you just have the food for some days.

When I was home, I checked my storage, it’s ok. And I found it’s urgent to cook my 1-kg potato and a package of Pak Choi which will go bad soon. So that’s something I ate at least once for 4 days.

It’s still not officially quarantine time neither in Hamburg nor Lower Sachsen. But I thought it’s time to start at least non-strict quarantine.

I planned to learn German everyday in morning and work in library in the whole month, but now it’s clear that the plan won’t be executed as expected. How will my work going? It’s not something totally under my control now. I sent an application which has deadline on 15.03, and felt like the weekend would be a real work-free weekend.

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