Why Fear

People are panicking
Because of Corona Virus
Comparing with death
Young people panic more
That even it’s cured
The patient will lose 10%-30% lung function

But you
Lose about 30% hearing ability by age 40-50
About 50% taste buds by age 50-60
And probably
You already lost more than 30% of your eye sight in your elementary school

We got chronic stomach problem
Urinary Tract Infection

We learned through age
How to get alone with our body parts
Which are not fully functioning
And we are quicker and quicker
To get use to a new change

Death is not a moment
It is a long process since we are born
Every moment we lose something
It means slowly being damaged

And think of “disable” people
They are just with some body parts different from the majority
But everyone may have a special body part
I, have a heart with abnormal vessels
It means higher risk
Of getting heart attack
I believe
we are all at somewhere of a spectrum of disability

And we are at somewhere of a spectrum
Of death

The loss of part of lung function
Will accelerate your speed to approach death
But a lot of other things
Doing the same

So why fear
I’m not saying we should just catch any disease
A sudden acceleration is pain
And big trouble for others

But thinking of your life
Don’t forget
You are always slowly dying

Why fear
Compare this moment with your past
Are you regret
Are you in a good direction
Are you happier than before

To grow up
Is to lose
But your experience
Make them worth

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