Quarantine Notes 15.03

I still have a box of potato. But I cooked noodle gratin for some days. Partly because if there is an official quarantine period, I may have less time to use kitchen (my landlord may use it more); partly because I really like noodle gratin.

I was still not so excited about my daily work, but somehow excited to create something online with other people. Network ensemble? Live-coding through server? Luckily I got a few feedback which turned to a further discussion.

So I spent some time on it, also sent another application.

I read that Curfew (Ausgangssperre) started in Austria. It’s funny that people are only allowed to go walk “alone or with the people live in the same place”. People who share an apartment without knowing each other very well could be very awkward.

But the “curfew” in Europe (as I know in Austria and Italy) is still much looser than the one in China. In Wuhan people are still (after more than 40 days) buying foods ONLY online. Every time when I think of my friends there, I feel like I have really nothing to complain.

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