Quarantine Notes 04-05.05

I went out again!

Last time I found the ducks sound very interesting but I didn’t bring recorder, so before I went to supermarket, first I went to find some ducks. I googled “what time do ducks go out” and there were just many answers about “what time is the best for duck hunting” and even “how to kill more ducks”… Human is crazy. So I gave up to research what time do they make sound.

Luckily I still found some ducks, although they didn’t make sound (some mandarin ducks were in the lake and busy looking for food). I just recorded some nature sound, probably people can tell there’s also sound of the ducks looking for food with their beaks on the surface of the lake.

And the restriction to the children playground is cancelled. I’ve seen more people outside, it’s also almost busy as usual on the road (although there are not so many cars on road in where I live anyway).

Now people must wear mask to enter the supermarket and use trolleys. I was thinking at home, do I still have to insert a coin to use the trolley? If so would it be still risk because of the coins? Nevertheless, I looked some minutes for my coin purse. I didn’t use cash for almost two months, it’s so hard to remember where my cashes are. Finally I found them in the down jacket which I wore in the coldest winter.

And yes, I must insert a coin to use the trolley! But there is a worker keep disinfecting the trolleys, so I guess it would be fine.

Very surprisingly, I found Loquat in our remote supermarket! And they taste really good. As I wrote in former notes, I seldom go to China in hot summer, so I have very long time didn’t had this fruit.

After I was back, I tried to join a lesson online at 14:00, then I found it’s actually at 13:00. I waited very long to join the session and still managed to listen the last ca. 40 minutes. Then there was another online lesson… After the lesson I felt like I must choose between the online Berlin Theatertreffen and my dissertation, and I chose the dissertation.

The piece I reworked on 24.04 is now online. Thanks to Music&Friends Chamber Ensemble! When I saw the notification I was still in the online lesson so I listened the piece with microphone off. It’s so easy to get distract during online lesson, but perhaps I’d check my phone some times as well in a real classroom.

And the pre-deadline screen… Finally I moved all what I need for writing dissertation in my bed. But sometimes it’s just hard to move from one side of the bed to the other.


Woke up with a rejecting letter, laid down again, then found it’s almost the time for online meeting.

Meeting at 12:00, 14:00 and 14:30, almost none stop. But I don’t have to say anything in the last meeting so I turned off the camera and had lunch.

After these meetings I found it’s already not so much time until people be off work, so I just sent my 6-page finished text (I planned to send 10 pages). Then I tried to watch a theatre of Berlin Thetertreffen which I missed when I was working on the dissertation. And I found it’s already expired. I realised for the first time that I didn’t watch anything for 2 days but not 1 day. It’s the theatre I wanted to watch the most in this festival, now I can only hope someday I can see it in a theatre.

While writing communicating with people became even harder, especially oral communication. These days I only took one phone call about reworking on one of my old pieces and still feel kind of hard to talk in an online meeting or writing emails.

Tomorrow is the small presentation of my dissertation, after that I will start replying non-emergency emails.

And I finally opened the hair chalk I bough in Japan in 2014. Since no one will see the failed result, I can experiment on my hair endlessly. It’s so strange that I still have many things I bought during that trip and still didn’t use. Sometimes people think, I may not be in this place for very long so I should buy more things for future using. But since people don’t have the time in the place (to try more things), neither the time to travel, how do they believe that they would have the time to try these things in another place?

After many travels between Asian and Europe, I learned that don’t bring too many things from either place. But probably I was right in 2014 to buy a lot of things because indeed I won’t go to Japan for very long time.

I still remember a former partner said around 2013, let’s go to Tokyo Olympic in 2020. And there’s not even Olympic in 2020 now.

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