Quarantine Notes 29-30.04

For some reasons I’m in a Zoom improvisation workshop with a lot of students majoring visual art. Today is the first day and it’s more theoretic, I just let the video run and look at it time by time.

Then did some reading and some late-night writing (still not for my dissertation yet).

Cooked noodles for two days. I first time cooked the white onion correctly, it really needs a lot of time to be not that spicy. I used all the cheese, and still have two eggs. If I want enough protein for the rest of the week I should maybe go to supermarket on Friday or Saturday. But people still have the habit to do grocery on weekend, so I may postpone it until Monday to avoid meeting many people.


Day two of the workshop. It came to practice, but it means as well that I must always show up in front of the camera.

The schedule is warmup from 9:00 and start jam from 10:00 to 17:00, with about 70 minutes rest in all. So it’s quite crazy. I set up my first virtual background in Zoom with the Shin Ramyun theme. It’s fun but I’m still a bit skeptical about allowing Zoom to recognize my face.

After that I went to sleep directly. Then got up to edit the video of my mother playing music with her friend in USA. Tomorrow is the Labor’s Day, it’s very important festival in China and my mother wants to post the video on that day.

And did a new Bandcamp release: https://dongzhou.bandcamp.com/album/piano-motif

I’ve seen schoolmate already going out for bubble tea. Actually my wishes and desires came back these days, maybe because of the rhythm of the started semester. But I still don’t know when I will go to buy bubble tea. I stopped my bus ticket until end of June, it means I may pay extra for traffic if I go to a bubble tea shop.

And I still feel it’s not the time to go out ONLY for a bubble tea and spend like 10 euros just for that.

1/3 of 2020 passed. I still didn’t archive much. It’s like every year, I can’t blame the virus for it. I can just try to create more, reach more out, and hopefully in the end of the year it won’t feel so void.

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