Call for Score 2018


“The great affairs of a state are sacrifice and war…” by Santa Bušs

“Mashupapash” by Sergio Vasquez

We will practice and perform some other pieces in our future concert as well. Thank you for supporting us!


Gong Projekt is established in 2017. It is a community that connects musicians and composer-performers who are interested in crossover music and Chinese ethnic culture. The core members of it are Dong Zhou and Shiwen Wang, they compose, perform and improvise with different artists for each concert.

On 22.09.2018 we will have our next concert in Kulturhaus Eppendorf, Hamburg as part of China Time events. The theme will be “Ritual”, in term of using ancient Chinese ritual/ belief as metaphor to comment modern society.  For seeking for new ideas and connecting more artists, we decided to make a call for score.


  1. There is no limit to the composer’s age, nationality or other background.
  2. Each composer can submit more than one piece.
  3. Please submit your proposal(s) of the piece before 01.08.2018 (extended dead line: 05.08.2018) to
  4. The piece should be between 2-10 minutes, for no more than 5 interpreters.
  5. Electronics, video or installation are welcomed to be included.
  6. The proposal should include:
  • The title of the piece
  • The concept or the program note (English or German)
  • The instrumentation and the performer(s) you need
  • The technical requirements
  • At least 2 excerpts (unless one excerpt can present the concept completely) of the piece, notation/ sound demo/ video demo will all be accepted.
  1. No entry fee is needed.
  2. One piece will be selected for playing in the concert on 22.09.2018.
  3. There can be more pieces to be played in our concerts in future.
  4. We will announce the result before 05.08.2018(postponed to 12.08.2018).
  5. The composer is required to finish the piece before 01.09.2018
  6. The criteria are
  • The connection to the theme of the concert and theme of Gong Projekt.
  • The feasibility of the piece.
  • The creativity and the expressiveness of the piece. Interdisciplinary piece has priority.
  • Piece for Dong Zhou and/or Shiwen Wang has priority, but composers are welcomed to bring or recommend other performers.

What we provide:

  1. Up to 200 Euro for accomplishing the piece (travel cost/ material cost, etc.)
  2. Performers:
  • Dong Zhou (Violin/ Voice/ Action)
  • Shiwen Wang (Narration/ Percussion/ Action)
  1. Time slot in our concert, and the technical support
  2. Public relationship and marketing for the piece


For knowing more about Gong Projekt, you are welcome to search “Gong Projekt” on Youtube.

For questions please contact: Dong Zhou (

We are looking forward to your submission!

Gong Projekt reserves the right of final explanations.

11.07.2018 Hamburg



Gong Projekt 建立于2017年。这是一个连接乐手和作曲/表演者的社群,跨界音乐和中国民间文化是他们的共同兴趣。这个社群的核心成员是周东和王士雯,她们与各种不同艺术家在不同音乐会上创作、表演、即兴。

2018年9月22日我们将在汉堡Kulturhaus Eppendorf举办下一场音乐会。它的主题是“礼/乐”,即用中国古代的仪式或信仰来评论现代社会。为了寻找新的想法、联系更多艺术家,我们在此征集作品。


  • 作曲者年龄、国籍等背景均无限制。
  • 每位作者可提交多个作品。
  • 请在2018年8月1日前(截稿日期延长至2018年8月5日)提交作品方案到
  • 作品应在2-10分钟之间,不超过五位表演者。
  • 欢迎使用电子音乐、视频或装置。
  • 作品方案应包括以下内容:
  1. 作品标题
  2. 概念或作品介绍(英语/德语)
  3. 编制和所需的表演者
  4. 技术需求
  5. 最少两个作品选段(除非一个选段已经能完全表达作品的想法),记谱、声音小样、视频小样均可
  6. 不需报名费
  7. 一部作品将被选用于2018年9月22日的音乐会
  8. 可能将有其它若干部作品选用于我们将来的音乐会
  9. 结果将于2018年8月5日前(延期至2018年8月12日)公布
  10. 作者应于2018年9月1日前完成作品
  • 评判标准:
  • 作品与本次音乐会的主题以及Gong Projekt的主题的相关性
  • 作品的可行性
  • 作品的创意和表现力,跨领域作品有优先权
  • 为周东或/和王士雯所作的作品有优先权,但作者也可以自带或推荐其他表演者
  • 我们将提供:
  • 最多200欧元的作品制作费(可用于差旅、材料等)
  • 表演者:
  • 音乐会上的表演时间和技术支持
  • 作品的宣传与公关

您可以在YouTube上搜索“Gong Projekt“来更多地了解我们。

如有疑问请咨询:周东 ( 或 WeChat: zd200030


Gong Projekt 保留最终解释权。





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