On the street Hebebrandstrasse
there is a building
I can only call it A Building
because it had too many functions
It is very fluid
so fluid that I can’t give it a name

It was the temporary campus
for many schools
including my university during 2015-2017
We were in this temporary campus
living an experimental life

that means, it could fail
and nobody cares
We were in a temporary campus
after two years everything will go

On Hebebrandstrasse
lasts only two years

We hung a large piece of paper on every door
to write this room’s current function
but we didn’t do anything
more than that

On one of the door
we wrote “Ligeti Saal” (Ligeti Hall)
But it was just an empty room
when we had concert there
we must move some lamps and chairs first

It sounds like
we were insulting Ligeti
comparing with other Ligeti Halls in anywhere else
But we were not
our insult was general
Brahms Building, Mahler Building, center of microtonal music…
all of them were just more or less
empty rooms

I was surprised
a piece of paper
changed so much
And after two years
so much can be removed
by just removing these pieces of paper

I had a lot of failures there
I was scolded, ignored, misunderstood
It should be temporary
because nothing stays in Hebebrandstrasse more than two years
But I didn’t have a piece of paper on me

On the day we packed our things
to move to a real campus
I found a cassette
it was written “Dream” on it

But I couldn’t find a cassette player anywhere

We were in a temporary campus
living an experimental life

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